Massage Therapy

What are the different styles of massage?

Totally different Styles and Forms of Massages in Greenville, SC From company massage-chain shops to boutique spas the totally different types of therapeutic massage could be overwhelming. Add to that guide remedy or different scientific approaches (like cranio-sacral) and you’ve got a dizzying array of types to select from. How will you make sense of […]

Getting a Couples Massage

Couples Massage in Greenville, SC The benefits to couple’s massage are many. Maybe you are thinking about surprising a significant other but aren’t sure what is entailed, or are wondering if it’s worth the money in Greenville, SC. This post will talk about couple’s massage and why it’s so effective at strengthening relationships. Common Reservations […]

Do Massage Therapists Need To Go To School?

Professional Requirements for Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC When you get a massage from a Massage Therapist at Massage Therapy Center in Greenville, SC , rest assured – your massage therapist went through extensive education and training before performing your Massages. In the  United States, licensed massage therapists  graduate from one of the 300+ accredited massage institutions […]



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